frosty 2 (2)

Frosty is a lovely 18 year old Yorkshire Terrier. His owner who had Frosty since he was a puppy very sadly due to illness couldn’t look after him anymore. At such a great age and with a few age related ailments Frosty may have struggled to find another loving home but thankfully he has landed on all four paws again!

He is once again enjoying a wonderful home life with his new ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ and his new best friend Molly the Jack Russell. His coat is now in a much better condition and he is enjoying being brushed regularly. His sight isn’t brilliant but he is gaining confidence in going outside to enjoy plenty of outside space. Molly and he are getting on well, she tries to mother him and also get him to play but that is a step a bit too far for Frosty!

He sticks close to his ‘Mum and Dad’ and follows them around, that is when he isn’t asleep! He does love his food and makes sure he is heard when any food is around. He does also still enjoy a good sniff on a little walk as he did recently on part of the JCB lake walk. He is a wonderful little boy who will want for nothing and is already much loved. We are so happy for him.

A big thank you to his new Mum’ and ‘Dad’ for giving Frosty a lovely home.

frosty molly 20210913_143205 frosty walk 20210913_143210


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