Age: 4 years in July

Sex: Female- Spayed

Breed: Patterdale- Black


Luna is a lovely little Patterdale. She has been living happily in her home with her sister since they were puppies but suddenly Luna has taken a dislike to her so reluctantly a new home is needed for her.

Up until recently they had walked lovely together out and about and Luna was not bothered by other dogs but now she will bark at other dogs. Hopefully with some more training in the future she could accept passing dogs better.

She is staying in a friend’s home at present and is doing very well. She has always been used to living with children and the two children there aged 5 yrs and 9 yrs love her. She has lots of cuddles from them which she loves.

A pet free home is needed so she can have all the love and attention. She will love regular walks, a nice garden to play in as well as lots of cuddles.

Vaccinated. Microchipped.

IMG-20240408-WA0001 IMG-20240408-WA0003 IMG-20240408-WA0004 IMG-20240408-WA0005 IMG-20240408-WA0006 IMG-20240408-WA0008 IMG-20240408-WA0007


Vaccinated. De flea and wormer treatment all up to date.



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