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On 21st August 2021 a small group of dedicated supporters are donning their walking boots and putting their best foot forward to do a Sponsored Walk from Parwich, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The full distance is 14 miles, with the less intrepid walking at least 5 miles. The age range of the participants is varied, with the oldest being 79 years of age and there will hopefully be a few dogs taking part as well.



The money raised from this Sponsored Walk will be used to help pay for Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meals and/or Veterinary Care for the older dogs and cats in our care including Eric, a Chihuahua who is a very grumpy dog, but greatly loved by the foster family who care for him. Eric is about 13 years old, has a heart condition and is also arthritic. Edie is an adorable tabby cat who has arthritis. She is about 15 years old and still waiting for a home. Dilys is about 14 years old and is hyperthyroid. She is in a foster home and unlikely to find a permanent home as she is an older lady and is black.
These older boys and girls are absolutely delightful and we are doing our very best to help them. Just because they are older doesn’t mean that they should be forgotten. We hope you agree and that you will sponsor the walkers to contribute to the care of Eric, Edie and Dilys.

Thank you so much


As well as sponsor forms with some of our supporters there is a Give as You Live page which you can use to sponsor the walkers.

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You can also access our Give as you live donate pages by scanning this QR code.

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