Pippa 10

Pippa reluctantly came into care as her family through unfortunate circumstances were no longer able to care for her as they would have liked. She is such a lovely dog with a very nice nature. She loves to be with people and gets on really well with everybody. She does get so extremely anxious when left alone though and cries terribly.

Pippa was going to need a home where her very special needs could be met and where patience was in abundance!

She was so lucky to find just that sort of home..well actually two really, because any time her new ‘Mum and Dad’ are out of the house she goes to stay at ‘Grandma and Grandads’ in the country- whether it is just for the day or sleepovers!

She has also gained a best friend in Missy who is another whippet who she lives with and another friend in Katy who is a greyhound at Grandma’s.

She has enjoyed trips to the beach with Missy and 2 more whippet friends where she had such a good time chasing a ball with them..Missy preferred to just mooch around mind you!

Pippa still has all sorts of other anxieties though which they are all trying to help her overcome- car travel can be difficult as she wants to bark at all the other dogs passing and walking can also be difficult at times when she sees other dogs- fear based often. She seems to have always had these problems since being a very young dog. Our Volunteer Canine Behaviourist has also been involved to offer advice on how to manage her problems. An ongoing process for them with her.

It is such a shame for her to have these problems but she has landed very much on all 4 paws and couldn’t have a better future ahead of her.

They say ‘she is a little tinker but we love her to bits! Its lovely to see her snuggling up to Missy. She may have ‘attitude’ but she is so loving we class ourselves as the lucky ones to have her’.

Here is Pippa’s photo gallery-

pippa missy Pippa and Missy 1 pippa and missy Pippa 13 Pippa 12  Pippa 8  Pippa 5  Pippa 9   Pippa11 pippa missy


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