Roxie Jan 2020

Roxie a Belgian Shepherd- Malinois is a fabulous girl. She had dedicated regular walkers when in our care who thought she was wonderful and and walked miles with her. Her breed does have certain traits that had to be addressed when finding her a suitable home, typically they are quite demanding dogs with regard to exercise and stimulation, needing plenty of attention.

My goodness, we are so delighted that Roxie has found all that could be asked for her! She can go to work with her new ‘Dad’, takes charge of the office in his absence and just charms everyone who meets her. She manages to find the best places in the house to lie when she wants a rest after her various activities and has the greatest of times when out on her many, long and exciting walks. The best ones of course involve lots of water and open spaces!

She has won over everyone and has made herself a very important member of the family.

Well done Roxie, so very well deserved. You are such a gorgeous girl. Her photos show how quickly she has settled in!

IMG-20201017-WA0006 (2) IMG-20201030-WA0002 roxie paddling IMG-20201114-WA0002 IMG-20201107-WA0001 IMG-20201101-WA0017 (2)  IMG-20201101-WA0016 IMG-20201101-WA0015 IMG-20201101-WA0014 IMG-20201106-WA0007 (2) IMG-20210328-WA0001

She hadn’t forgotten her favourite walkers either when they met up with her at work!

IMG-20201130-WA0002 IMG-20201130-WA0001



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