Roxy nov a

Roxy is a gorgeous Staffy who was with us quite a while. She absolutely loves everyone but is not keen on other dogs so of course that did not make it easy to find her the right home.

She had two particular regular volunteer walkers who took her separately for very long walks and together used to take her to the Paddock for Paws freedom field where she had a fantastic time running for a ball and playing with them.

We are thrilled to say she is now in a wonderful home with owners who have had Staffies for years and although she has not yet been there very long we are pleased to say she has fitted in like a dream and her new ‘Mum and Dad’ say they feel like she has always been with them.

She has been good overnight and hasn’t chewed her lovely new bed at all (she was so bored in the kennels it was a great game to chew her bedding!). She will have company for almost all of each day and so will never ever get bored again! She has already enjoyed long walks out and about.

She really has landed on all her 4 paws we’d say and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

We know we will see more photos of her adventures in the future and she can expect to have a visit(or two) from her walker friends again so she can show them how happy she is and see her lovely new home.

Well done Roxy!

Roxy in home  Roxy Nov 27 e Roxy Nov 27 b Roxy new home Roxy new ball Roxy Nov Roxy Nov 27th

Favourite rug!  Roxy favourite rug Dec 2019


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