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Age: D/B 16 March 2015

Sex: Female Spayed

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux ‘type’ X (possibly X with Rottweiler)


A very big, strong girl! Scarlet was in kennels for a very long while before she gained a really wonderful home which she has thoroughly enjoyed for almost the last 4.5 years.

She was a stray dog only 6 months old who was so very scared and lacking in confidence when she initially arrived years ago. Information subsequently gained indicated she had a very poor start to her young life and was quite apprehensive of meeting new people. A lot of time was spent building up her confidence and getting her to trust people. One particular gentleman really took to her and she to him and a strong bond developed as the months went on.

It was a fantastic day when she was able to go home and live with him and his wife. Arrangements were also put in place for Scarlet’s ex kennel girl who had looked after her to continue to take her for regular long walks twice a week. This she has done for all these years and is still currently doing so to ensure Scarlet has continuity and a familiar face to walk her.

Her ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ took her on her daily shorter walks. They provided the vital components for Scarlet, patience, lots of love and attention and a fantastic quiet home life. Scarlet in return gave so much back as if to say thank you for giving her such a wonderful new life. She has come on in leaps and bounds over these years and is a different dog from years ago.

Sadly her ‘Dad’ who she was so devoted to and respected has recently died and she is so missing him. Her ‘Mum’ who loves her so much too is not now well enough to care for Scarlet on her own though. It is heart breaking for all concerned.

Scarlet needs to find an equally understanding home with someone (or a couple) who is/are patient and extremely experienced at handling strong dogs. It will take a lengthy lead in time to get to know her and she you to build up the same trust again before she can go to a new home. Once she does she will be your devoted companion.

She needs a quiet home where she can settle down again and enjoy a lovely home life with a fully secure garden. A busy home with lots of people coming and going will not suit her. The home must be pet free and child free too. She will pull towards other dogs if she sees them so you must be capable of holding her.

She had also been going on long weekend walks regularly over the years with another gentleman and his tiny, elderly dog. Scarlet thought the world of both of them and walked along nicely with them!

If you feel you can offer all that Scarlet requires and can spend a lot of time getting to know her please do get in touch with us. She is so worth it. She has already won over the girls at the private boarding kennels where she is currently!

We will offer all the support and back up that we can to help Scarlet settle in as well as any ongoing support too.

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