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Scoobie is a gorgeous young Yorkshire Terrier. Circumstances changed in his original home which meant he sadly needed a new home. It was essential his new home was going to be perfect for him in every way, loving, patient and for ever. With his looks and personality of course his new owners fell in love with him straight away and after a few meetings and walks together he quickly moved in!

He settled in immediately and has made himself ‘king of the castle’, wanting for nothing. When not cuddled up, a good view of what’s going on from the back of the sofa is perfect for him. At the end of the night he waits patiently on the stairs to encourage his new ‘Mum and Dad’ its time for bed!

He gets his Dad out for as many walks a day that he can and walking has become a real pleasure again. He is a delight to meet when you see him on his walks. He has soon won over all the neighbours too.

Well done Scoobie, you have certainly and most deservedly landed on all four paws.



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