The 2024 year calendar is in preparation! Photos must be received by 21st June. We would also appreciate sponsors for the Calendar.

calendar cover 2023

We have already received over the last few months some lovely photographs of cats and dogs previously adopted from us. Nice photos must be received by us before the 21st June as the selection panel meet on Friday the 23rd June to select the photos that will appear in the calendar.

A few more of  ‘our ex’ dogs are particularly welcome to include in the review process.

There can only be 12 main photos (6 cats and 6 dogs!) plus a cover photo so the nicer or more unusual poses the better please to be in the running for selection.

.We do need good quality photographs only please. We try to match the photos to the months/seasons- if at all possible (within our limited artistic abilities!).

The printer needs to receive non-compressed high quality resolution photos from us in order to work with them, so please send in good quality ones.

Jpeg format photos are much easier for us to receive and open if at all possible please.

*** Please email them to our hotmail address headed ‘2024 year calendar consideration’ ***

We look forward to receiving them asap.

It is always hard to choose which ones should go on the calendar as we get so many lovely ones but we can only include a limited number, so please don’t be disappointed if we aren’t able to include your photos this year. We will do our best by including as many as we can but we always love seeing your photos regardless.

The 2023 year calendar.

calendar rear page 2023

******  Calendar Sponsorship ******

We are looking for sponsorship for each month to help pay for the printing of the calendars. The sponsorship we are looking for is £30 per month.  An inscription will then appear for your chosen month so you can advertise a company, do the sponsorship for yourself,  give it as a gift for a friend or member of your family or indeed have it in memory of a loved one who has been loved and lost.

Please email us if you would like to be one of our sponsors.


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