It’s over 3 years since Willow came to live with me and our bond is growing stronger. She now regularly sits on my knee at night.

She has established herself with many of my neighbours who have grown fond of her. She sometimes sleeps in my next door neighbour’s conservatory despite having her own, she regularly patrols the bowling green and she’s joined in the training of a neighbour’s new puppy! I’m told that she always sticks to the paths and doesn’t go on the bowling green so they are happy with her presence as she keeps pigeons off the green. As for the puppy well Willow has some of the chicken my neighbour is using to train her puppy so I’m not sure Willow is playing much of a part in the training other than getting the dog used to a cat!

Another neighbour told me Willow came in through a cat flap the previous house owner installed for their cat. The neighbour’s children were delighted to have Willow running around the house, not so much the parents!

Willow is considered to be a hard working cat constantly patrolling her territory. She is an asset to the community and precious to me!


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